Timber Fencing, What You Need To Know!

How To Select The Right Timber Fencing For Townsville’s Climate

Timber Fencing

Timber Fencing

Once you have decided to put a new fence up in your home; you will find that you are faced with a range of choices of Timber Fencing. This article tries to educate you on the difference between treated timber and untreated hardwood since the timber fencing contractor will undoubtedly asked you to choose between the two.

Firstly we will talk about hardwoods, a really beautiful type of wood. It cannot be denied that hardwoods are incredibly beautiful, but the problem is that they are, in fact, very hard! This makes for production of this wood very difficult, and thus very expensive. Because it is costing the manufacturers a lot of money and effort to cut the wood and make it into a fence, it is going to cost you a lot more to buy it. This is definitely something to consider when you are looking for an affordable fence.

The next we will talk about the negative impact of the hardwood being untreated. Although you would have incredible difficulty cutting through the hardwood with an axe or chainsaw, fungi, borers and the climate will easily cause irreparable damage to the wood. They eat away at the grains of the wood, causing it to split and weaken. Once this kind of damage has been done, it cannot be reversed! The climate is a real factor, as the effects of rain and snow will damage the wood badly over time. This does not make it a very logical choice if you live in a wet or humid climate.

Now we will discuss treated timber, and all its benefits. There is no competition really, as treated timber definitely wins hands down. Treated timber has been especially treated to protect it against water, rain, humidity, fungi, termites and other microscopic damage. If you live in a warm or wet climate, then you definitely need to consider treated timber. It will stay looking good for many years to come, and does not require a lot of maintenance at all. You need to think of the affordability of treated timber, and how it benefits you. You must also consider your climate, because even if you don’t live in a wet climate, a dry climate can also be bad for untreated timber.

As you can see, the treated version of timber is definitely the way to go. You can easily find your treated timber supplier on the internet, as most will have a good online presence complete with a brochure of the different types of fencing they have to offer. Ensure that the provider you are looking at offers good treated timber.

Once you get your timber fence ready, keep in mind that supports keep your fence in good condition. The main structural elements of timber fencing are the supports. These are firmly laid at the time of setting up the fence, and usually don’t have any problems unless damaged or very late in their lives. Keep an eye on the supports, and you’ll see any possible problems before they happen. It’s a good idea to get some professional help from fencing contractors if you’re looking at cracks in supports or if the base is shifting for some reason. These can be major issues, but they’re not insoluble, and easy to fix if you get to work on them quickly.

Whether you want the iconic paling fence, the new modern screen fences or a picket fence, you can’t go wrong with timber.

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