Building Decks or Hiring a Deck Builder in Townsville?

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The main reason most of us live up here is for the awesome climate conditions and the laid back life that comes with it.

There’re not too many places in Australia that allow such a great lifestyle with so much on our doorstep. Most people would agree, that a good quality deck or decks are a must for experiencing and embracing our climate with the lifestyle here in the Tropics.

It may sound obvious, but when building a deck/ decks, one should always plan the decking out on paper first – before so much as even calling a Townsville deck builder

There is, however, a solution to this sometimes complicated planning stage.

Of course, there are some aspects of the project which will need planning out whether you use a kit or hire a professional that builds decks a “Deck Builder.”

Deck Building, The first thing to consider is location:

  • Would you like your decking to create an environment which is sunny, shady, or somewhere between?
  • Do you want the decks to lie next to your home, or perhaps at the end of the garden?
  • Is privacy an important issue with your new timber decking area?

If your deck kit is positioned in constant or near-constant shade, consider that it may face increased susceptibility to fungal moulds and algae.

This is a big problem in the Tropics of Northern Queensland and needs to be considered

Garden Decking and Planning Permission

Timber garden patios which cover more than half of your garden area – will almost certainly require planning approval (as will raised garden decking which stands over 600mm above ground level).

Also be aware of any pipes or drainage systems which sit beneath the surface of your proposed decking area – especially if you are to installing a raised decking area which will use sunken timber posts for supports. Lastly, an obvious point – but one which is often overlooked: never obstruct access to any manhole covers or to any other system which you may need to be able to access once the deck is completed.

Deck Joist Timber Framework – Preparation

The timber joist framework is effectively the base on which your deck or decks is built. The timber joists included in your kit will almost certainly be cut to length – but be sure to check before you begin screwing or fixing the timber joists together.

The timber deck joists are laid in line, parallel to each other, and at no greater than 60cm intervals. With timber deck boards usually 120mm wide, you also need to allow 5-6mm between each deck board to allow for shrinkage in summer, and swelling in winter. (Remember: deck boards, joists, and other components are all constructed from a natural, living material)

These are some great tips to get you started and well on your way! If you need any assistance give us a call on 1800-904-997

What to know before choosing a Deck Builder in Townsville

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